Non-sterile 15ml Flat-top cap Centrifuge Tubes, PP, Bulk pack, 500 Tubes /Bag, 500 Caps/Bag, 2 Bags/Case

  • Kod: 10-9815
  • Producent: BIOLOGIX Group
15ml Flat-top Non-Sterile Centrifuge Tubes - Bulk

*15ml conical tubes
*Working temperature: stable from -20°C to 121°C
*Withstand centrifugation of 8,400 RCF in a fully supported rotor

Flat-top cap
a) Biologically inert, high density polyethylene provides a chemically resistant surface
b) Double threaded design to reduce cross-threading, easily opened and closed
c) Flat top facilitates top writing areas for sample identification

*Tubes are made of strong, medical-grade polypropylene
*Transparent wall permits easy viewing of tube contents
*Conical bottom design fits most standard floor model and table-top centrifuges
*Graduation with white ink, in 1ml increments
*White writing area facilitates sample identification
*Solvent resistant printing will not rub off during routine laboratory procedures
*Tube are covered with leak-proof caps that comply with IATA Safety Standards

Bulk packed package (Non-sterile)
a) Transparent polyethylene bags are durable and protect the tubes well
b) All Non-sterile tubes are packaged with caps separately

Opakowanie zbiorcze: 500szt probówek + 500 szt zakrętek

Producent: BIOLOGIX Group
Nr katalogowy: 10-9815

Dystrybutor: GenoPlast Biochemicals
Nr ewidencyjny: AP09996